A Prayer for Wintering Bees

As I prepare the hive for their 4 month wintering, a childhood prayer kept coming into my head. With each adjustment of the hive, I changed the prayer to fit the bees.

Now I lay the hive down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my bees to keep.
If the queen should die before spring wakes,
I pray the Lord another queen make.

Zone 4 New Hampshire winter is tough on even the hardiest of bees. The hive has been wrapped in 3/4 inch Styrofoam with each seam sealed by duct tape. The idea is to provide as much warmth without totally sealing off air circulation. The entrance reducer is set to the smallest possible setting (approximately 1 inch wide) to keep hive robbers to a minimum while also providing for reduced air flow.

With the hopes the mite control medication did its job, the med tray is removed. We gave them a heavy simple Fall syrup feeding via a top box feeder which we will take off to reduce the overall area the bees need to heat.

At this point, the most I can do for the bees is to leave them alone and recite our new Bee Prayer. Good night my friends.

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