What is a Gardener Supposed to Do?

The grasses are brown. The frozen earth is unyielding to any new or continued growth. Leaves and buds have disappeared. It is far too early to start any soil or plant prep work. Whether you work a kitchen garden or what may seem to be a plantation, the list of “to dos” are endless. One gets used to being busy and productive.

What is a gardener supposed to do with all of this time on their hands? The answer typically shows up in the mail just about now. Somewhere, somehow the seed catalogue companies have consulted with a band of gardening psychologists to find the most opportune time to send out those beautifully colored brochures filled with blooming blueberry bushes, ruby red plump tomatoes, and roses so beautiful you swear you could smell them thru the pages.

Tis the time for the avid gardener to dream. Perhaps you will increase the size of your growing plot. Or maybe you are going to try to grow those sweet melons one more time. Thumbing thru the pages it is easy to imagine lush fields of salad greens and potatoes bubbling up from their dirt mounds. Dreaming is not only encouraged at this time of year, but useful for your future growing season plans. It doesn’t hurt to pull back a calming smile on a dreary winter day either.

On The Yard Project farm we are busy making a list of 2012 projects including invasive species removal, soil supplementation, forest management planning and wildlife management planning. We are also dreaming of a field of sun flowers. We saved giant sunflower seeds from a few heads this year and hope to plant them in the area where we removed the 1,500 sq ft equipment barn. Sunflowers are great for removing impurities from the soil.

Our dreams extend to building a richer community connection. This year our Agri-Fest events were successful at starting this foundation. Possible options on the horizon are communal locally sourced meals, our own farmers market and blending art with agriculture. Let us know what you are dreaming about.

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