Articulture: Where Locavore Meets Art Locale

Locavore is becoming more and more a household term. It is basically about obtaining your food directly from local sources. Local sources really means items which are grown or created locally. Instead of buying tomatoes at your local supermarket shipped in from Chile, you would purchase them directly from a local farm or greenhouse. The movement supports a number of benefits. First, you have more quality control of what goes on your table. Second, you are supporting agricultural businesses close to home.

Art Locale is a less known term. Much like locavore, it is about sourcing locally. However, it is about the consumption of art created by local artists. By supporting local artists you help your area artists and art programs grow.

Articulture is about the combination of the two. It is often said there is an art and science in farming. What we have found with our work is there is often also an artist on the farm. It was not long before we stumbled to the obvious conclusion of combining the two. By combining forces we double down on our local movement.

The Yard Project will be hosting our first Articulture project on June 9th at the historic Webster Town Meeting house. Artists from Canterbury, Webster and Boscawen, NH will be creating original pieces of work specifically for agricultural businesses in these areas. We will have at least two artists from each town crafting their creations for 25 agricultural businesses. All the art pieces from high end to accessible price levels will be shown in a gallery setting with the farmers. A portion of the art sales will be used to support future community programming. We are also planning on wrapping a farmers market around it.

Save the date (June 9th)! More details (including artists and farm links) coming soon.

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