A Local Difference

It is not a secret our economy has created even greater budgetary strain on our already strapped world of art.  It is as though we are moving thru a gallery of somber shades of grey to even darker blues.  Museums are going underfunded, schools are cutting art programs and struggling artists are struggling just a bit more.  The lack of funding is echoed in our agricultural programs as well. Resources supporting our local farmers are being scaled back while regulations are increased.

Even on a canvas depicting the darkest of skies, one farmhouse can create a scene full of warmth as we envision the over worked family sitting at the dinner table eating a hearty homemade meal.  Imagine how one farmer can make a difference to so many dinner tables.  Now imagine how you can make a difference in our local world of art and agriculture.

As the Locavore movement has created an awareness of local food, we too can instill a passion for local art or ArtLocale.  This passion does not need to emanate out of the marble halls of a private museum.  ArtLocale will thrive when it is driven and supported by those outside the tight loop of art cadres.  This means you.

It can be simple, but yet create a lasting experience.  Seven local artists from Boscawen, Canterbury and Webster were inspired to create original works of art for 16 farms in these communities.  On June 9th from 1pm to 6pm, we will holding a premier showing of their art at the Old Meeting House on Route 127 (and Long Street) in Webster, NH.  All of the art will be for purchase to support our local communities.  There will be high end pieces over $500 as well as income accessible works under $50.  Art will range from water color and oil paintings to fine pottery and photography.

While you visit the gallery, you will also get to visit the farmers involved directly.  Outside of the meeting house will be a farmers market featuring all of the participating agricultural businesses.  Please mark your calendar and join us.  Thank you for your support!

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