The Cost of Community

Volunteers Ruth, Beth and Mark

We all love to go to farmers markets, concerts on the commons or events like Articulture. It is fun to commune with our fellow neighbors at an event which requires nothing more than for us to sit back and enjoy. Everyone wishes their towns had more community events.

As I co-opt my father’s phrase about money, “Community doesn’t just grow on trees, you know?” It involves time and money (which true to my father’s word, does not grow on trees). How much? Well, we want to provide you a transparent look into the cost of our most recent event, Articulture, this past Saturday June 9th. This listing does not include the cost of the Artist’s work (i.e. framing, photo cards, supplies etc) or costs incurred by Farmers (fuel, their own set-up, cost of goods). To see what the event entailed, click here.

Time Investment

# of volunteers: 10 Plus Lead Organizer
# of Artists Exhibiting: 7
# of Farmers Involved: 16
# of Event Visitors: Over 1,000
Estimated Time Spent by Volunteers: 100 Hours
Estimated Time Spent by Organizer: 200 Hours
Length of Planning/Organizing: 6 Months

Monetary Costs

Exhibition Rental (Webster Meeting House): Donated by Meeting House Society (Valued at $500)
Event Insurance: Donated by Meeting House Society (Valued at $100)
Design Work of Posters/Flyers/Website/PR: Donated by Organizer (Valued at $500)
Print Production of 1,000 Flyers/ 100 Posters/ 250 Art Programs: $400
Gas to Post Flyers/Posters in 50 Miles Radius Over Course of 2 Months: Donated by Organizer (Valued at $300) Donated by Volunteers ($100)
Art Packaging Supplies (bubble wrap, tape etc): $60
Miscellaneous Items Purchased for Event: Donated by Volunteers (Valued at $100)
Miscellaneous Supplies Purchased for Event (credit card receipts, staples and stapler gun for posting, art cards, printing ink etc): Donated by Organizer (Valued at $150)

Total Direct Cost to The Yard Project: $400
Total Value Donated by Meeting House Society: $600
Total Value Donated by Volunteers: $200
Total Value Donated by Organizer: $950

Grand Total for Event: $2,150

Revenue Received

Amount Charged Farmers for Market Exhibit: $0
Amount Received from % of Art Sales to Go to The Yard Project: $375

Value of building our community and supporting local family farms: PRICELESS

If you like to have community events, the biggest thing you can provide is your time and expertise. If you cannot do that, then a donation is always helpful to defray costs. We cannot rely on a handful of individuals to enrich our lives. Everyone (Yes, Hilary Clinton, the entire village) needs to have a hand in creating a better place. What will you contribute? Please email us at if you would like to be part of the community building process whether in time or donation.

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