Thankful for How it Got Here

As we sit down to our bountiful Thanksgiving Day meal, it is our tradition to explicitly and vocally express our thanks. Family, friends, good fortune and health are always on the list. At the top of list, to no surprise, is the food which has been tempting us all day with its amazing buttery smells. It is this day we loosely practice the tradition set forth by our forefathers who were giving thanks for surviving another year in the wilderness of America and to be lucky enough to have food upon their table.

Unlike them, our hard work for this meal started and ended on the same day. Okay, if you count shopping for the food, you can add another day. So today I wanted to reflect on how the food got to our table. Thanks to our local turkey farmers who fed and cared for a hatchling for the past 8 months. They chased off foxes, weasels and skunks. They provided shelter, warmth, shade, and space for the birds to grow healthy. They then found the right butcher and spent the last few months reminding us of the upcoming purchase date.

Thanks to the vegetable farmers who began their process a year ago tilling the fields. Many of them grew the seedlings in greenhouses and then transplanted hundreds out in the fields where they were watered and fertilized. They worried about the weather, insects, wildlife and diseases which could very quickly destroy the crops. Lastly, they harvested and hauled their goods to farm stands and markets either a few hundred feet or miles away.

Thanks to the livestock farmers who gave us all of the things that end up in our dishes like eggs, milk and bacon. For many, there is no such thing as a vacation when animals need tending to multiple times a day every day of the year.

Thanks from those of us who rely on local farmers for our some or all of our baked goods. They have been waking up at ungodly hours to start the process of making dough, peeling apples, forming the pies and rolls. Although their floured eyes were weary, they forced a smile when we asked if it was too late to order an extra baked good the day before Thanksgiving.

So let us reflect upon not only the work which went into the making of the meal, but also the last 12 months on how it came to our table.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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