About You

You might notice a slight twist on the About Us page link.  This movement is About You.  We cannot move forward if you do not join us.  You are a mother or a father who wants your children to have farms  in their future.  You are young in age or at heart and love the feeling open land provides you.

You believe we need to correct our food system so it can be sustainable and healthy in the long term.  You are a farmer who has experienced the financial hardship of balancing the depressed cost of your product and the ever increasing expenses.  You live in a city and anxiously await the coming of the farmer’s market where you can smell the freshness of tomatoes picked that morning.

You are a land conservationist who understands an acre lost to development is lost to our generation and the next.  You are a business person who understands the destruction of our farms will lead us to an import dependent country.

You hunger for a deeper connection to your community.  You feel a void when you reflect upon your busy life.

Most importantly, you want to make a difference.  Now is the time to act.  You are the movement.