Silver Farm

Silver Farm On April 15, 2008 Stanley “Papsy” Silver passed away.  Papsy was a self-employed farmer who owned and operated the Silver Farm in Boscawen, NH.  Although, he was survived by four sons, the financial strain of maintaining the farm was not bearable.  The farm was deemed to be highly prized by developers due to the scenic value, road frontage, accessibility to major highways and flat land.

This is where The Yard Project started its quest to save our farm land.  By getting involved, you are saving this and future farms from development preserving our agricultural heritage for generations.

This land has been a farm for over a 100 years.  The agricultural commission has deemed the soil and terrain to be top grade for farming.  It is roughly 106 acres with approximately two-thirds of the land perfect for crops and one-third forested. Listen to a recording of birds near the pond. Silver Farm Birds 10 Mins

Along the way, we discovered we were not only saving farms, but also a way of life which once was the glue for all of our community.  We are seeking to strengthen our ties to the land and each other.

Our goal is to keep the land in agricultural use and build a communal space for all to share.